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Our Terms

* Refund policy: 

All enrollments are final.

No refunds, no exceptions.*

* The information provided in this training, aims to encourage you to develop the proper technique of Permanent Makeup and to choose your potential customers correctly, depending on several factors.*

* It is your responsibility to obtain information regarding the licenses and permits and some other information regarding the legal regulations and requirements of each County, State and/or Country.*

* Also, it is your responsibility to put in the hours of practice on fake skin (latex) that you must invest to achieve the desired results, before putting your knowledge into practice with real people.*

* The use of any material and videos is authorized "ONLY" to the people who requested and paid for it.*

* The Certificate of Recognition as an "Artist" will only qualify for the 6 months online program and/or, 2 days (in person) + 6 months online program. In both modalities, you will have to submit all the exercises and corrections requested by your trainer.*

* NY Ink Beauty Arts, LLC. has all rights reserved to this material and its commercialization and reproduction by others is prohibited.*

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