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Permanent Makeup Academy Mission

Experience and passion for transforming people's lives’!

The Full Story

Paramedical Tattoo & Permanent Makeup

NY INK BEAUTY ARTS ACADEMY is the ultimate springboard to your success. Over the course of this rewarding Online School Course, participants will learn the tools they need to achieve their goals and thrive in today’s competitive world.

This industry is amazing but, sadly, we know from experience, all the gaps and lack of information when it comes to teaching and transferring the knowledge to put it in to action. Therefore, our commitment to you is to offer more than a online class, by giving you all the tips, tricks and mentorship you will need to achieve the success you deserve.


As instructors, we spent many years working professionally in the field before bringing our experience to the educational field. We have developed an unparalleled curriculum which focuses on practical application of the material. 


As Permanent Makeup Artists, Estheticians & Skincare Specialists; We are dedicated to making our clients feel confident about themselves. Walking that extra mile with each client to let them feel as special and unique as they are, enhancing their natural beauty and, in some cases giving them back their self-esteem. Some of our permanent makeup techniques are specifically designed to help people with specific issues such as cleft lip, hair loss, and post breast surgery/mastectomy.

So... The transformation goes beyond the physical aspect, helping in the process of healing their emotional wounds after a physical loss. 

As Trainers, our experience since 2005, has helped us to help others finding joy & love by working in this amazing field.  We have developed, in detail, all the training material, exercises, graphics & videos that will help you grow in the industry.

HOW & WHY, are the main basis for every class, making the journey easier on you by pointing out all the specific details you will need to pay extra attention to.

Our wish for you is to have all the necessary knowledge to achieve your goals & to help men and women in your community, to recover their self-confidence! 

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