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Symmetry & Brow Design

  • 91Days
  • 40Steps
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The Curriculum

SYMMETRY & BROW DESIGN CERTIFICATION No experience required* HOW & WHY, are the main basis for every class, making the journey easier on you by pointing out all the specific details you will need to pay extra attention to. My wish for you is to have all the necessary knowledge to achieve your goals & to help men and women in your community, to recover their self-confidence! If you are ready to move towards success... We are ready to be your best choice!!! We will teach you the correct way to master eyebrow design and each fundamental aspect to achieve the desired results. 20+ VIDEOS EXERCISES ASYMMETRIES STEP BY STEP RESOURCES and much more... You will have 3 months to master all the essential aspects of this class, with the help of your 24x7 trainer.

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